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PFN’s Fantasy Draft Kit offers sophisticated analyses through three-dimensional rankings, range-of-outcome player profiles, and other products. However, our Advisory Services take this analysis to an entirely new level.

For the past decade, day or night (and sometimes in the middle of the night), PFN’s BJ Rudell has advised thousands of fantasy managers on selecting the right keepers, developing customized draft rankings, proposing deceptively advantageous trades, identifying underreported elite RB handcuffs, and so on.

As these managers know all too well, the recommendations stem not from “hot take” opinions but the culmination of years of research and hypothesis testing. It’s about playing the probabilities, because season after season, high-probability decisions give managers the best shot at winning.

As a result, PFN’s Advisory Services are highly specialized, built on thousands of hours of research and millions of Excel cells of data points. We’ve never cared about claiming obvious QB1s will be QB1s. We care about demonstrating why the overall WR4 likely won’t finish in the top 10, or why an undraftable backup RB has a 25%+ chance of becoming a weekly streamer. Finding high-probability answers isn’t rocket science.

But it is labor intensive. And PFN does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Your Touchdown Pass Advisory Services begin with a one-on-one, 30-minute video conference call with BJ to address your most pressing fantasy questions. Then, right up until Week 1, BJ will be your sounding board as you navigate pre-draft, draft, and post-draft strategy.

You can message him as needed, and he’ll respond to you within two hours (during workweek business hours) — he’s your database and compass rolled into one. If you have questions about our Advisory Services, feel free to email BJ at

This is not a small financial investment for you, and it’s not a small time investment for him. But as thousands of managers have come to understand, this level of fantasy support is priceless for those seeking a meaningful edge over their competitors. In the end, that’s why we’re here, and why our subscribers keep coming back for more.

Already have the Touchdown Pass? Email BJ at to get started. Want to upgrade to the Touchdown Pass and enroll for personalized 1:1 advice? Email BJ at the address above or by clicking the button below!

Note: The Touchdown Pass is only open to the 20 people at this time.

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