Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Don’t be a loser. 
It’s time to start winning.

Don’t be a loser.
It’s time to start winning.

PFN’s BJ Rudell has spent more than a decade assessing historical NFL data to identify when conventional wisdom contradicts actual evidence of probable outcomes. When you invest in our Fantasy Football Draft Kit, you’re investing in the industry’s most sophisticated analyses and most actionable intelligence.

“Three-dimensional” player rankings. Ranges-of-outcome variables for 400+ players. Contrarian predictions. “Chaos” players who could make-or-break your fantasy season. Daily Q&A’s. Hands-on advisory services. And more. Much more.

All of this for just $6/month when paying annually or $9.99/month when paying monthly (and can cancel anytime).

PFN’s Fantasy Football Draft Kit is the all-in-one answer to fantasy managers’ most pressing question: “How can I become the most-prepared drafter in my league?”

But wait, there’s more! Want to take all of this to another level? Get 1:1 advisory services as it relates to your fantasy football team through your fantasy draft. Then, when the season begins, we’ll shift to DFS and NFL betting advice.

The PFN Touchdown Pass is only limited to 20 people on initial launch and is $15/month when paying annually or $29.99/month and cancel anytime.

Inside the Draft Kit

Fantasy Draft Kit Features

Proprietary Research

Fantasy Player Rankings

Fantasy rankings are two-dimensional answers to three-dimensional questions. They’re presented as one-size-fits-all science. It’s no one’s fault. Years ago, someone came up with top-200 player rankings, and the rest is history.

But at PFN, we’re writing a new history for self-respecting fantasy managers who deserve more. Our player rankings are grouped in three distinct formats, each drawing from our proprietary “realistic range of outcomes” for each player: Traditional, Optimal, and Minimal.

If you’re drafting in the eighth round and need to pinpoint the highest-ceiling players remaining on the board, a quick scan of the Optimal rankings is all you need. Looking for a safe bet in the second round? Lean into our Minimal rankings for the highest-floor options. And if you want customary rankings that average players’ optimal and minimal outcomes, our Traditional rankings have you covered.

Fantasy Range-of-Outcomes

There are no absolutes in fantasy. There are only outcome probabilities. Most elite players carry certain degrees of injury and/or performance risks. Most “undraftable” players have pathways—some narrower than others—to fantasy relevance.

Spanning 90,000 words on more than 350 players, PFN’s fantasy range-of-outcomes assess each player’s primary influencers for underperforming or outperforming expectations. Here you’ll learn how a No. 3 RB could realistically become a spot-starter by December, or how an established No. 1 WR could be overtaken by a rookie.

ADP, Performance, and Age

All too often, a player’s average draft position (ADP) closely mirrors his previous season’s ranking. Hey, it’s a good baseline for fantasy managers on the go, who don’t have time to dig deeper. That’s why it’s such a popular system.

But BJ’s spent years analyzing the correlation between players’ age and performance in the context of preseason ADP. What is “middle age” for each position, when players generally begin their downward statistical trajectory? And more importantly, to what degree does the fantasy market (ADP) reflect these realities in their rankings?

Our job is to give you actionable intel based on historical evidence. And if there’s a 50% probability that a first-round RB you’re targeting will underperform by at least 20%...well, that’s information you can use.

Contrarian Predictions

PFN’s contrarian predictions are not guesses or even the dreaded “guesstimates.” They’re not hot takes. They’re not copied and pasted from other sites. Our predictions are based on old-fashioned, firsthand research. There’s nothing unique or helpful about making a prediction based on a reporter saying, “QB John Doe is showing a lot of chemistry in camp with WR Pete Jones.” Similarly, suggesting a great player will be great again is worthless.

Fantasy victory is found at the edges, where truths are buried beneath stale conventional wisdom. BJ is always digging below the surface. Sometimes he comes up empty. But more often than not, he finds a nugget worth more than a guess, blanket belief, or last year’s stats. And it’s the basis for contrarian predictions that outline why managers should zig while everyone else zags.

Interactive Experiences

Fantasy Draft Prep

In August, join the PFN Fantasy team as they take a look at the fantasy prospects to keep an eye on as you head into your fantasy football drafts.

Waiver Wire Q&A

Every Tuesday during the season, join our PFN Fantasy Team as they talk about the best prospects to pick up on the waiver wire -- and which ones to avoid.

Sunday Lineup Advice

Every Sunday before kickoff, PFN Fantasy Analysts Tommy Garrett and Jason Katz answer your questions about your fantasy lineups for the upcoming slate of games.

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