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PFN Pass is Under Construction!

All subscriptions to PFN Pass have been paused. The reason for this is that we are in the process of changing platforms, one that will provide an ad-free reading experience on the main PFN website, offer content personalization based on your preferences, a better user experience, and more!

For those who are on a monthly recurring payment option, you will not be charged after your current billing cycle. It will resume after the migration is complete and after you update your billing information on the new platform. For those on a yearly plan, your subscription will carry over to the new platform and will only renew if you update your billing information when the migration is complete.

The exceptions:

• The Hail Mary Newsletter will still be sent to you every Sunday morning, even with your subscription paused.

• Touchdown Pass Subscribers can still contact B.J Rudell ( at any time with their fantasy football questions.

• The Fantasv Red Zone Report and NFL Turning Point Film Breakdown will be published on the PFN website at

Additionally, after the regular season, we will be shifting toward a product model, where you will have full access to products such as a Super Bowl Betting Guide, NFL Draft Guide, CB Season Preview, Fantasy Draft Guide, NFL Season Preview, Betting Season Preview, and other similar products based on the events in the calendar year.

Of course, if you are only interested in just one or a few of these, they will be sold as standalone products even without a PFN Pass subscription. That said, the benefit of keeping your subscription throughout the year is that you will receive a bundled discount plus the ad-free reading experience on the main PFN website at

You will also have a personalized dashboard where you can log in and see content right  away on the PFN website that interests vou. For example, if you are a Miami Dolphins fan, you will have the opportunity to tell us this on the new platform during the migration process. When you log in, you will be served all Dolphins content that has been recentlv published and you can read that first.

If vou have a favorite author at PFN, vou can tell us this during the migration process, and you will see all content that has been recently published by that writer upon logging into your dashboard.

In case you missed it above, remember that vou'll be able to read all of this with no ads with a PFN Pass subscription!

An important note - the pricing for PFN Pass will not increase, even with this change in platforms, the ad-free reading experience, and the increase in products offered. Once the migration has been completed, which is expected to be done by early December, we will resume our regular season PFN Pass content before shifting to the product model.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at via email:

We thank you for being a valued PFN Pass subscriber, and we look forward to this next phase that will provide vou with a more valuable experience.

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