Mike Kaye

How the AFC West became the Wild Wild West in one offseason

Like in the times of old, the NFL is about to enter a new frontier. With the AFC gearing up for an all-out brawl, the AFC West has quickly settled in as a territory that would rival the boomtowns of yesteryear.

‘The Rise of the Fullback’: Why teams are making the once-forgotten position relevant again

Despite the NFL’s fixation on becoming a full-fledged passing league, there’s still a place for a position that at one point seemed to be going the way of the dinosaurs -- the fullback position.

Jacksonville Jaguars need Doug Pederson to wash away the stink left by Urban Meyer

Doug Pederson thrived with the Eagles when he focused on the locker room, not himself. And now, he's promised to make his redemption tour about his players, not his ego.

Matt Ryan is the ultimate cure for the Colts’ Carson Wentz blues

After weeks of running Carson Wentz’s reputation through the mud publicly and privately, and trading the flawed QB to the Washington Commanders, the Indianapolis Colts somehow stumbled into an upgrade in every sense of the word.

Giants made the right decision to put a timer on Daniel Jones’ rookie contract

The Giants have challenged QB Daniel Jones by declining his fifth-year option. As a competitor, Jones should have added motivation this season. Will it be enough to show the Giants that he can be their franchise quarterback of the future?

After a complete teardown, Lions must find their long-term identity in Year 2 of Dan Campbell era

The Lions tore down everything built by the previous regime last year. This offseason was the time for them to plant their flag and build a team that could regularly contend in a rough-and-tumble division. Now, can they rise from the ashes?