Aaron Wilson

In new NFL reality, Super Bowl titles are just one (veteran) QB away

Each of the last two Super Bowl champions had star quarterbacks that changed teams the previous offseason. And based on the seismic shifts of the last six months, don’t be surprised if the streak runs to three.

Life without Davante Adams: How the Packers have mitigated a major crisis for Aaron Rodgers

Davante Adams’ outstretched hands hauling in pinpoint spirals from Aaron Rodgers. Clutch touchdowns. Playoff victories. Now, that's all in the past. How will Rodgers and the offense move forward without Adams?

Thanks to Tampa Bay’s succession plan, Todd Bowles has finally been set up to succeed

In theory and in practice, succession plans can work. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are banking on proving that to be true in their own way. While Bruce Arians remains a resource as a senior football consultant, this is now Todd Bowles' show to run.

Lance or Garoppolo? Quarterback intrigue won’t go away in San Francisco

Trey Lance still doesn’t have the 49ers' QB room to himself. Garoppolo’s trade market has been quiet largely due to his shoulder procedure. And there’s a sense the 49ers are also hedging their bets in case Lance falters.

Who exactly is Kevin O’Connell, the latest branch of the McVay coaching tree?

A former New England Patriots third-round draft pick out of San Diego State, Kevin O'Connell was an understudy to legendary quarterback Tom Brady and learned more about the game from one of the top strategists in the history of the NFL: Bill Belichick.

Houston Texans 2.0 should take step forward in 2022 so long as Davis Mills does as well

The architect of a massive rebuilding project, Nick Caserio has dramatically overhauled the roster since his arrival through a series of short-term contracts, restructured contracts, and trades.