Adam Beasley

QB-needy NFL teams have finally learned from their mistakes – but that discipline likely won’t last

NFL owners and the people they employ did something totally out of character this past draft cycle. They showed restraint. But will that discipline last in a league that places a premium on quarterbacks?

Why Bills QB Josh Allen should be just fine without Brian Daboll

As the Buffalo Bills' quarterback enters Year 5 of his NFL career, it's hard to say who has more at stake -- Allen, the seventh pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, or the new guy calling plays for him.

Pittsburgh Steelers don’t need to – and shouldn’t – rush rookie QB Kenny Pickett

While Kenny Pickett might be the most “NFL-ready” of the rookie QB class, it would behoove the Steelers to not mistake a high floor for a sure thing, especially out of the gate, when they have two other reasonable options.

Does Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski have what it takes to win a Super Bowl?

With great expectations come great scrutiny. And if this high-stakes gamble on Deshaun Watson backfires, Browns HC Kevin Stefanksi will likely pay the price for not meeting expectations -- whether Watson is on the field or not.

Cincinnati Bengals won’t suffer a Super Bowl hangover because it doesn’t exist

The Bengals very likely will regress in 2022. And that regression will have absolutely nothing to do with a "Super Bowl slump" – because that phenomenon is actually a myth.

Saints under Dennis Allen could surprise people – if Winston, Thomas can find old form

There's a real chance that the 2022 Saints team -- now coached by long-time Payton lieutenant Dennis Allen -- will be better than the one from the year before, and perhaps substantially so.